Max Bolleman

Studio 44 with engineer Max Bolleman is the place where all the Advanced Warning productions are recorded.

In just more than one decade Studio 44 has become widely known, particularly in the world of jazz.

It has already proved to be a center of interest for many international famous musicians.

The secret behind the success of Studio 44, lies in the acoustic recording techniques and the advanced technical facilities it offers. These studio facilities, however, can easily accommodate small and large groups of musicians.

Every musician has access to his own ten channel mixing console and during recording he is able to make his own sound and balance it, himself, through his headphones. Only musicians know to appreciate this ideal facility.

You can take it for granted that the rest of the studio equipment also is, naturally, state-of-the-art.

Time rates are extremely attractive, added to which the studio is efficiently organized so time is 'used', not wasted, reducing costs further and eliminating frustration altogether.

Studio 44 closed it doors at the beginning of 2009. Max Bolleman is still busy and you can contact him via his own site using the e-mail adress

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