Noord's Orange-bitteris a family-made product from which the origin goes back to the beginning of the last century.
Round 1908 grandfather Hartog Noord decided to make an Orange-bitter that was based on the herbs they already used for preparing their famous ‘Beerenburg', a herbal drink.
He started to make several combinations together with the peel of oranges and moutjenever on different alcohol percentages. He put the different types in casks too mature and waited a couple of months for the results.
Grandfather Noord and his cellar master then tasted the different combinations and made their choice.
Nowadays Noord's Orange-bitter is prepared in the same way as grandfather Hartog did almost a century ago.
Today we still use natural herbs, orange peels and high quality moutjenever, put them together and let them mature.
We use neither artificial flavorings nor colorings. Noord's Orange-bitter is a pure natural product.

The different ways of using Noord's Orange-bitter.

Noord's Orange-bitter can be drunk as a refreshing long drink, mixed with soda-water or orange juice. The combination with 7-Up forms also an enjoyable one.
When drunk straight Noord's Orange-bitter is an excellent after-dinner drink. It enlightens the stomach, due to the herbs.
Famous is Noord's Orange-bitter for being a tastemaker in cocktails. There are many cocktail recipes in which Noord's Orange-bitter forms an indispensable ingredient.
We have sampled a number of more or less well-known cocktail recipes.

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