naachten2.jpg - 26974 Bytes"Na Achten" Liquor

Three centuries ago there were circulating many special sweet liquors. Nowadays most people don't know their existence anymore. For that reason you will not easily find them in a bar or at peoples homes. These sweet liquors were at that time known under collective nouns as: ‘Fine Double Liquors', ‘Best of Rinsche Liquors', ‘Navy Liquors' and ‘Double Amsterdam Liquors'.
The ‘Navy Liquors' were mostly used as a medicine on board of the big sailing-vessels, who were sailing the oceans with freight and passengers. Unfortunately all these liquors disappeared by the change in tastes. With their disappearing also the knowledge how to make them vanishes as the distillers, who made them.
Lucky enough there are still a few distillers' today who have the old recipes and the craftsmanship to distill those old liquors. Noord is one of them and so we can proudly present our ‘Na Achten' and ‘Kaneel' liquors.
‘Na Achten' is a typical ‘Golden Age' liquor. It is based on distilled white chocolate liquor and percolated coffee liquor. After the distilling and percolating they are mixed with distilled white mint liquor and some secret ingredients. Then the ‘Na Achten' is left in peace for a couple of months and bottled on a strength of 28% ABV. Besides drinking the ‘Na Achten' is mostly drunk straight after dinner but you can also prepare sweetbread and a nice desert with ‘Na Achten'.

Here are the recipes:

‘Na Achten Sweetbread' (Entrée)

For six persons
1 sweetbread 800 till 900 grams
150 grams of butter
50 grams onions
50 grams carrots
1/2 liter of clear broth
1 dl. White Vermouth
1 dl. Dry white wine
1/2 liter cream
100 grams Mushrooms
5 cl. Na Achten Liquor

Preparation of the sweetbread:
Put the sweetbread in cold water and leave the sweetbread in the cold water for 24 hours. Refresh the water from time to time. Cook the sweetbread quickly (blancher) and rinse with cold water. Cut off the round part of the oblong part and remove the fat parts and the fleeces.

Put the chopped onion and carrot in a pan and stew them slowly. Put the sweetbread on top.
Add the vermouth, wine and broth. Seasons with salt and pepper add a bouquet garni. Put the lid on the pan and stew for 20 till 30 minutes.
Take the sweetbread out and sift the cooking moisture.
Put this on the fire again and let it reduce. Add the cream and mushrooms. Reduce again till the sauce become smooth.
Add the ‘Na Achten'. Cut the sweetbread in six slices, season them with salt and pepper.
Sprinkle flour over the sweetbread and fry in a hot fryer the same way as you do with an escalope.

Take the sweetbread out of the fryer and pour the sauce over the sweetbread.

‘Na Achten Ice Surprise' (Dessert)

For six persons

1000 grams good quality Vanilla Cream Ice
1/4 liter cream (cold)
20 grams white sugar
7 cl Na Achten Liquor
Burnt sugar.

Beat the cream with the sugar (by hand or in a machine) till it is almost smooth, not stiff.
Than add the ‘Na Achten' and go on with beating till the cream is almost stiff but still liquid.
Put three vanilla ice balls in a frosted glass. Pour the cream on top and decorate with the burnt sugar.
Serve with a wafer.