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Herbert Noord (26.7.1943) is a Dutch born Hammond Organist.
His nickname is the "Baron of the B-3".

At a young age he started to play the piano, but once heard a Hammond organ he fell immediately in love with this instrument and particularly the B-3. His first steps in the Dutch Jazz scene were set in the BOHEMIA QUINTET, which was led by trumpet player Wouter Herrebrugh and tenor player Harry Sparnaay.
At the beginning of 1967 he formed his first own group with amongst others tenor player Hans Dulfer. With this group he recorded in 1969 the LP 'Live at the Bohemia Jazz club'. Although this famous club no longer exists, many Dutch jazz musicians made their debuts there.
In 1973 he made an album with a Canadian musician Alan Laurillard (tenor sax) called 'Five Times Six'. This LP received 4-stars in a Dutch music magazine 'Muziekkrant Oor' from the late Jazz-journalist Rudy Koopmans.
It took five years before this album got a follow-up titled 'Warm Bad' with Henk van der Hurk (Hank Squat) on guitar and Robert Meinema on drums. The album sold out and is nowadays a collectors item.
In October 1979 American tenor player Harvey Kaiser invited Herbert to tour with him through the United States for the first time.
In the winter of 1979 a new LP saw the light of day entitled 'Live at the Kroeg' and the "Baron of the B-3" was accompanied by drummer John Engels.
Again in the fall of 1983 Harvey and Herbert toured in the New York State with Bobby Jones (tr.), who played in the Duke Ellington Band.
In 1986 Herbert started to work with an American guitar player Paul Weeden, a close friend of the late Wes Montgomery. Paul and Herbert joined by Charlie Green (tp.), Fred Leeflang (ts.) and Rick Hollander (dr.) made an album 'Clear Sight', which was released in 1987. A five-star album according to the USA jazz magazine 'Cadence'.
1989 was a memorable year in Herbert Noord's musical career. He started to work with Dutch tenorist Rinus Groeneveld and drummer Pierre van der Linden formerly with Focus. This joint venture is in fact the first step of his present group "Advanced Warning".
In september the highly recommended CD 'HI-Fi Apartment' was released on Charly Records. Besides Herbert, Rinus and Pierre you can hear again Paul Weeden (gtr.) and also Tommy 'Madman' Jones (voc.) from Chicago. 'Hi-Fi Apartment' was highly praised by the national and international musical press with Cadence in front. Especially "The Day Monk Died" and "Hi-Fi Apartment", quite a local hit in London discotheques, were both an internationally breakthrough.
Advanced Warning presented itself on a tour in the autumn of 1990 in Germany and on the North Sea Jazz Festival in the summer of 1991. The members are Herbert Noord, Rinus Groeneveld, Pierre van der Linden and John C. Marshall. He is an English born guitar player and arranger living in Germany, who worked with Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. In fact John is responsible for the name Advanced Warning. Their first CD was released in 1991 on Charly Records and titled "Nothing to be afraid of". The CD was promoted on tour in the spring of 1991 in Germany again and Switzerland. They also appeared twice on Dutch television and live on Dutch and Swiss radio that same year. In 1992 Herbert's Advanced Warning performed at the Jazz Mecca Festival where The Miles Davis Group, Al Jarreau and Barbara Dennerlein also played and in the autumn they opened the second night of the Amsterdam Jazz and Blues Festival, which was broadcast live on Dutch radio.
In 1993 again Herbert and his group were invited to play again at the North Sea Jazz Festival this time as part of a theme which was centred on the Hammond Organ. Their appearance was one of the highlights of the festival for an enthusiastic crowd of 8000 spectators. Other organists who played at the festival were Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, again Barbara Dennerlein and Armina Claudine-Meyers.
June 1994 a new CD was delivered by Advanced Warning with a somewhat cynical title "Watch out for the Jazzpolice" on ITM/Shuttle Records. A guest appearance is made by Paul Weeden again in "Happy with Paul".
Last year Advanced Warning released their latest CD "Cut the Crap", also on ITM/Shuttle Records. The music on this CD has a remarkable spontaneity caused by an almost live recorded session in the studio. Without a doubt this is the best album Herbert has recorded until now with Advanced Warning. They opened the Heineken Jazz & Blues Festival for a huge crowd and received outstanding revues for their performance. Herbert has already written a few new songs and is soon going into the studio to record them for a new CD of Advanced Warning.
In 1995/96 EMI has released a CD "Express Delayed" from the old Hans Dulfer-Herbert Noord 4-tet. The recordings go back to 1978 and are quiet a success at the moment in Japan. More than 40.000 copies were sold.
Herbert Noord is getting more and more acknowledgment as a composer too. He writes practically all the music for Advanced Warning and also the television RTL Big Band have taken a few of his compositions into their repertoire.
Herbert Noord is also the author of a songbook "Nothing to be afraid of". The Music of Herbert Noord, specially for the Hammond Organ, contains 10 of his best songs notated and arranged by John C. Marshall. The songbook is already re-printed for the third time.
In 1997 Via Records released the album 'Hot Mosquito Night'. This album might become a collectors item because the record company is bankrupted and most of the stock is destroyed or anyhow out of sight.
January 2001 showed the release of 'Explosion Extra Ordinaire' the first 'live' album of Advanced Warning. The album is brought on the market by the English record company 'Blue Room'. Joop Visser, managing director of Blue Room was so impressed when he heard the music for the first time that he immediately said: "I want to bring this album out". The album is already promoted on radio in the Netherlands, USA and England.
In August 2003, Rinus Pierre and Herbert recorded a new album in Studio 44. This album named ReGroovable is released in Mai 2004
Momentarily Herbert is working on songs for the next album that hopefully will be released in 2006.

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