25.12.1952 Rotterdam

Photo: Cees van de Ven

Aad started playing the guitar at the age of five.
He found an old jazz-guitar on the attic of his fathers music shop.
Since that discovery Aad is attached to the six strings.
He was discovered at the age of sixteen by the famous international jazz promoter Lou van Rees when he was demonstrating a guitar in a music shop. When Aad reached the age of 17th Lou did send him on a cruse ship to New York. Aad stayed in the States for a while playing in hotels and everywhere where he saw the opportunity to play.
One day he even played in the famous New York Radio City Music Hall. He accompanied people like Liza Minelli and Sammy Davis jr. Aad was on the road till he reached the age of twenty five and then settled down in Holland were he start working in his fathers music wholesale which he took over after a decade. One of the main instruments the firm was importing were the drum sets of the famous Premier brand. As importer Aad endorsed important drummers as Buddy Rich, Philly, Elvin and Jo Jones and Bernard Purdie.
In the meanwhile Aad continued playing in bands and formed his own trio name Trio Brasa.
Aad has played with lots of well known musicians like the late Cees Slinger, Neppie Noya and Frank Noya the famous bass-player. Aad met Herbert coincidentally at a party about one year and a half ago and it came out that they shared a lot of common musical interests. They started playing together on a almost weekly base and the results of these efforts you can hear and see at YouTube. In January 2009 Advanced Warning was performing for the first time on stage with Aad on the guitar.
Soon there will be heard more of this nice cooperation.

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